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During several years, Cedrex A/S has consistently worked with automation of lab equipment within biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.
As a result, we are also able to offer automated solutions for your lab. In most cases, it is fairly uncomplicated for our engineers and technical experts to remove simple and repetitive operations that are both non-ergonomic and ineffective.

Cedrex A/S has its own product line, which already has a number of various standard solutions for automation purposes. In the lab sphere, you often use the same working methods and face the same handling problems. It is likely that we have already developed a solution that also meets your production needs.

Cedrex A/S is able to offer a full range of laboratory automation solutions.

1. Semi-automatic components and equipment
This is usually small equipment, which can help make the day easier for laboratory assistants.

2. Automatic handling machines
Apart from removing simple and repetitive operations, the important thing here is to develop machines for automation of screen and reagents. This equipment focuses on the latest technology, logistics and surface treatments.

3. Technical operation of laboratories
Today, Cedrex A/S also offers service agreements in connection with the technical operation and maintenance of laboratories. The purpose of the agreement is to help laboratories that do not have permanent technicians but, nevertheless, require technical assistance if the equipment fails. At a short notice, the technicians attached to Cedrex A/S are able to help repair interruption and other problems.

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